SDZ Chá, Sarl
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Our Teas

Single Origin

Rare single origin tea, with unique flavours exclusive to this region, and can be enjoyed by the most discerning tea connoisseurs to first time tea drinkers.
Black CTC Tea

We manufacture the following Primary Grades: BP1, PF1, PD, D1 and Secondary Grades: BP, PF, Dust, Fanning's, BMF & BMF1. Our teas are clean with subtle tannins, perfect for consuming directly or great for blending with more gutty teas, whatever the consumers preference.
Black Orthodox Tea

We are have recently set up an Orthodox Black tea facility will be regularly producing the following grades: OP, FOP/FBOP, BOP, BOPF, BOPD, BOPFD & Dust 1.

Our Brands


We will soon be launching our “Classico” blend in the domestic market to provide Mozambicans with access to our great tasting, local grown teas. We are currently working on obtaining the best durable packaging to ensure the freshness of our tea.
Cha Murrece & St. Antonio

These are our two CTC Marks. They are primarily exported to various international destinations from Nacala Port. Our versatile grades have been purchased for direct use, for blending and our secondary grades are even perfect for extraction.
Cha Namuli

Our Orthodox Mark has already been received well. The grades are currently being standardised and will appearing in the market by end of April 2016. We are aiming perfect the lighter liquors that are appreciated when drinking these teas.