SDZ Chá, Sarl
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The Tea Estate

The Estate

SDZ Chá Sarl grows and processes high quality China Jat and Assam Jat varieties on the foothills of Mount Murrece, at an elevation of 700 m above sea level.
Tea Harvest

Leaf is handpicked to preserve this premuium quality and manufactured with care. The peak harvesting season begins from November and can last until May. This is also the wettest and greenest period of the year!
Our Forest

We have preserved more than 178 Ha of Forest Area to maintain the natural habitat of the rare Namuli Apalis and Vincent's Bush Squirrel.



We employ more than 1000 people in peak production season. The jobs we provide significantly impact socio-economic welfare in the District. The tea plantations are a foundation for developing other support services.
Growing Skills

Previously, qualified local tea management staff were hard to find. Now, our core management team, hired from the finest tea regions around the world, are transfering knowledge, skills, and career growth opportunities.
Empowering Women

We endeavour to increase employment of women, as traditionally women are not encouraged to work outside of their homes and kitchen gardens after marriage. This empowers women and allows them to increase their family income.
Affordable Necessities

Basic supplies cost more here due to expensive transportation from the nearest town. Most people have to walk long distances to buy necessities. After hearing about these problems, we now operate a small provisions store on-site where we sell goods below retail price and provide credit to our colleagues.
Introduce Farming Technology

In 2016 we are introducing software systems in the field and will be training our staff to correctly utilise and benefit from them. This will be the first time any such system has been introduced into the area, increasing the skill-set and improving the agriculture practices in the are.

SDZ regularly renovates and upgrades the infrastructure of the government run School on the property. We have also built some free basic housing for seasonal workers on the property, with the intent of upgrading and increase these facilities.